China has startled and fascinated the world with her sudden phenomenon and unbelievable uprising and change. Though her GDP has lowered to 6~7%, but the impact on global economy is still awesome! Many Chinese companies have made to the top Fortune 500 corporations with their inventions, technological developments and expanding market share. She is dominating the world with her high-speed rail in terms of performance, price and speedy installations.

The anti-corruption with the arrest of more than a million government officials and communist party members since 2013 is just amazing. It has forced the administration mechanism into efficient and proper mode. No more extravagant banquet with table full of food and endless flow of wine.

The military hardware is just another wonder when she is churning out formidable weaponries and technologies in missiles, warships, drones, fighter jets, tanks, etc. She is not the China that we are familiar with 40 years ago.

All these developments could not have happened in just last 5 years. It is the Chinese unique mentality, ideologies, strategies, perseverance and determination that propel her to achieve the outstanding results. The progress went unnoticed for many years and in a sudden revelation caught everyone in surprise. We need to understand her history and culture to appreciate what she has gone through and what make her successful.

This book aims to unleash the unique culture and development since millennium times. There is no mystic about her. She is what history and culture have moulded her into. The book also covers her humiliation and deplorable period in the last two centuries and how she is reverting to her past glory and self-confidence.

Chinese is now more assertive and self-confidence and will not hesitate to retaliate either by diplomacy or simply by trade embargo.

To do business with Chinese, we need to be prudent about her custom, guanxi and face giving. The rejuvenation of their religious beliefs, ideologies and philosophies mentioned in the book allows the readers to grasp the transformation taking place.

The book is written by a Singapore Chinese who is born and grew up in Singapore with familiarisation on Western culture and work ethics; and appreciation of Chinese history and culture.